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3d Glasses for Friday the 13th Part 3 Black Plastic Upgrade From Cardboard

Great Upgrade for Friday The 13th Part 3, 3D and other moves that require Red/Cyan Lenses Model # 3Dstereo Glasses Features: Excellent quality black plastic frame red/cyan glasses by 3Dstereo Glasses for Friday the 13th movie and other movies that need red/cyan glasses Great Upgrade for Friday The 13th Part 3, 3D and other moves that require Red/Cyan Lenses  More Info
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2GB Waterproof MP3 Player Silver

A limit size MP3 player gives you unlimited music! Nowadays, almost everyone has a MP3 player to listen to beautiful music. Are you annoyed by choosing an excellent MP3 Player? Take some time to have a look our functional MP3 player. This MP3 player features USB rechargeable battery and USB plug & play, high-effective and reliable. In addition, it adopts advanced technology so that consumers can enjoy their fast-speed tunes and good sound quality. Once you try to trust us, you will want to believe us. Waterproof MP3 player & earphone designed for swimming, spa, and water sports High durability aluminum casing with an fi-scratch finish USB rechargeabte battery USB plug & play Stylish design with fluorescent holder to strap onto swimmer goggles Compliant with international IPx8 water resistance standard Compliant with high speed USB 2.0 specification Compatible with win2000 / WinME / WinXP / Vista and Mac OS 8 6+ and Linux 24 Non volatile solid-state storage date retention for at least 10 years FM optional Memory size: 2GB Battery:Charging time: 15 hoursOperating time: 8 hours Package Includes: 1 x 2GB Waterproof MP3 Player Silver 1 x Earphone Designed for Swimming 1 x USB Cable 1 x Goggle Lock Ring 1 x Quick-drying Cleaning Tissue  More Info
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