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Image Line Sytrus For Windows (download) (Sytrus VI DL) Virtual Instruments

Software & Plug-ins - Windows users: what if you could have it all - FM, ring mod, subtractive, and additive synthesis - all in an easy-to-use software synth? Image Line makes it happen with Sytrus, a hybrid virtual synth with six customizable operators that can also function as independent oscillators for subtractive synthesis. The operators can be cross-modulated for complex frequency modulation or ring modulation synthesis. Fire up the 256-partial Sytrus harmonic editor for additively synthesizing any sound you can dream up. Image Line Sytrus is so cool, many of Sweetwater's Mac-based musicians are getting jealous!Image Line Sytrus Software Synth at a Glance: An army of filters and effects to nail any sound. Presets, for inspiration right from the get-go. An army of filters and effectsImage Line Sytrus rocks three chainable, independent filters - each offering an array of 13 filter types and five cutoff slope settings. An integrated waveshaper lets you distort the waveshapes. Chorus, phaser, delay, and reverb follow the filter section. Sculpt your patches with 3-band parametric EQ. Sytrus gives you the tonal flexibility to realize any sound you can imagine.Presets, for inspiration right from the get-goOn a deadline? Go for one of Sytrus's 500 killer presets. You'll find presets for any genre you're working in, right out of the box. Categories include Bass, Drums, Bells, Brass, DX7, Experimental, FX, Guitars, Orchestral, Organs, Pads, Percussion, Piano, Plucked, Synth, Winds, Strings, Chromatics, Arps, and Sequences. Image Line Sytrus Software Synth Features: 6 customizable operators with complete oscillator-shaping freedom. FM, RM, subtractive, and additive synthesis. Unique arpeggiator system, for multi-point articulation . Customizable and automatable unison . Effects: 13 filter types; 3-band parametric EQ, phaser, chorus, delay, and reverb. Onboard X/Y modulation control. High-quality FM synthesis with up to 64x oversampling. Deploy a world of synthesis with Image Line Sytrus! Virtual Instruments: Synths, Keyboards, & Organs  More Info
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Computer AntiVirus

Powerful Norton antivirus protection for your PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets  More Info
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Computer Antivirus

Nortons New 2017 Solution: Norton Security protects against Viruses, Spyware, Malware, and other online attacks. Norton Security is our fastest, most comprehensive solution yet. Norton has developed specialized security for your different devices - PCs, Macs, Smartphones, and Tablets. We are the proud Winner of PC Magazine Editors Choice Award 34 Time Winner. Norton 360 is now replaced by Norton Security, a faster more powerful solution.  More Info
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ReliTouch User Management Suite-Windows

The kit includes fingerprint scanner that will allow you to enroll all users quickly and easily from a central PC. Set access control rights, control all of your lock settings and more than simply upload all information to the included flash drive. The flash drive is then plugged into the lock to upload all of the relevant data. The kit can be used for a single lock or groups of locks.  More Info
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