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Introduction to the Endtimes

This book is intended to be a primer, for those who are starting a study of the end times. It will present you with information about some important theological topics from the Bible, which you probably have not heard about previously, or have heard very little about. The topics start with the Rapture of the Church to heaven. This is the resurrection of the dead Christians and the transformation of the living believers. Then the book proceeds to the tribulation, which is a time of intense trouble coming to this earth. There will never be another time on the earth as terrible as this tribulation period ever again. The book continues through to the millennium rule of Christ, and unto the renovation of the old earth. Finally, the reader is introduced to the newly created Heaven and Earth, where no sinners will be allowed. In the New Earth, everyone will live sinless and peaceful lives for all eternity, with God and Christ as king. The chapters proceeds logically, however they can be read in any order, as though they were independent essays. Dr. F. Carl Gilkes was educated and worked as an electronics communications engineer. He earned his Bachelor's degree in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering from CUNY of New York. After working for approximately fifteen years in the Aircraft Telecommunications and Air Navigation Industry, he changed his focus. He turned his attention to full time studies in Theology. He earned his Doctorate degree, majoring in Theology from MISD of Indiana. Presently he is focusing his attention on evangelism to the non-evangelical, or the traditional religions, such as Anglicans, Roman Catholics, and similar religious groups.  More Info
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Results 1 - 1 of about 1

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