Seiko Mantel Chime Carriage Clock with Hand-Rubbed Finish

Seiko Mantel Chime Carriage Clock with Hand-Rubbed Finish - A beautiful and charming addition to your home, the Seiko Mantel Chime Carriage Clock turns back the clock with classic style. Built from dark-brown solid oak, the carriage case is beautifully carved, features metal accents -- including a decorative brass handle on top -- and stands perfectly on a mantel. With a vine pattern in gold and silver-tone metal, the dial keeps time with Arabic numeral hour markers and ornate black hands. This timepiece features the beautiful and familiar sounds of Westminster or Whittington quarter-hour and hourly clock chimes. With a volume control, the chimes can be turned up or down. And with a nighttime chime silencer, you won't have to worry about losing any beauty sleep.

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