Georgia Boot G8152 Shoes for Men

Georgia Boot G8152 Shoes for Men - To ensure that these men s work boots would be exceedingly durable, Georgia built the upper with SPR leather. On account of how the barracuda-gold colored leather has been tanned, it has 3 times the strength and is actually able to resist abrasions 2 times better than traditional leathers. Plus, the leather is resistant to caustic chemicals and barnyard acids, so you know it is an incredibly hard-wearing material. A lace-up design is always a nice feature to have on your work boots, because it allows you to fiddle with the fit. If your feet tend to swell after you have been standing, this feature is perfect for you, because it allows you to loosen (or tighten) the boot laces to however you are most comfortable. A finger pull has been placed on the back of this footwear; it is a small feature, but it is incredibly useful when it comes to getting these boots on/off. Your feet will remain comfortable throughout the entire day, because there is a cushioned insole (has been covered with a soft material) within the interior. A steel shank has been incorporated into the design of this work boot; it allows you to walk steadily and it also is a great feature to have because it provides support to the arches of your feet. You may not be accustomed to wearing footwear with a wedge sole; once you have laced these boots up, you will be thrilled with the amount of cushioning and flexibility that the Poly Wedge ULTRA outsole provides and be amazed at how much resistance it provides against abrasions, chemicals and oil.

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